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About Us


Like every other 21st century couple we met online. We scheduled a hot date shooting together but Coby stood Lana up due to unplanned involuntary hospital visit (but thats another story). But like any good Nicholas Sparks novel (and Coby has a book list recommendation if you want them) we were destined to photograph together. It was New Year Eve 2015 and surrounded intimately by 12 couples saying “I do” the stars aligned and our fledgling partnership was conceived. Over the years we saw each other casually at weddings and other important life events and a friendship grew. With every wedding together our shared values and love of Rose (Lana has a list of those) came into focus (see what we did there #sopunny.) Like any great romance we’ve come to appreciate our differences are out strengths and this is what sets us apart from other photographers.


I first started photography in high school- literally old school film photography in the dark room. I always swore I’d never become a professional photographer as I was worried it would kill the passion and enjoyment. Like all unexpected things in life, I fell into it and the more I shoot the more I enjoy it. Photography is one giant learning journey.

I love to big picture plan & can quite easily shred the schedule and work with what’s thrown at me. My juggling skills rival that of a circus clown.

Lifestyle, studio and families are my jam, weddings are my peanut butter.
Speaking of food- cheese and gherkins are life.

I have 2 kids, most days it feels like 12. It makes my heart happy that one day they will have tangible memories of their parents wedding to pass on as heirlooms (and see how bad our wedding fashion was in the noughties!)

I have an unnerving obsession with True Crime which keeps my husband on his toes as he jokes that I could probably dispose of his body 15 different ways in spanish – uno, dos without a tres. #10yearsmarried fun fact: statistically speaking the person most likely to murder you is your spouse. (revert to true crime obsession).

My life goal is to nail the king yoga pose (headstand), until then I’m killing shavasana (corps pose) #aspiringyogi

I’m South African born but equally Australian raised. That said I still have nightmares about #parktownprawns all my Joburg Saffas be feeling me.

I am the exact opposite of a morning person, coffee is a lifestyle. Wanna grab a cup?


My first camera was a barbie 14mm film camera from a royal show bag. The fridge worthy master pieces from my formative years taking photos of our 8 pet guinea pigs (and their many weddings) led me to study Photography and Marketing at University. I am currently studying my Masters in teaching and you can be my guinea pig here (link to workshop).

My first love is weddings but I have also done work in bridal fashion. Fun Fact: I know 7 different ways to bustle a wedding dress.

I married my best friend which is just as well as he is possibly the only person in the world who get all of my Friends references. He’s the Crap Bag to my Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

If I wasn’t a photographer I would be a professional quilters #allthenannafeels Cause quilting in your 20s is actually cool right? Plus side I can fix your wedding dress on a whim no problem @lifewitheleanor

I am a self confessed art history nerd. I once wrote an entire university paper on why the Mona Lisa should not be more famous than Impression Sunrise…. Don’t even get me started on Renaissance Art!

Hard light is my bitch (which is a great break from being Lana’s).

I lived in France. Twice. I still have sweet dreams about French baked goods.

I once did yoga class on a beach in the tropics and it was the most stressful 45 minutes of my life. Who needs exercise, I’d rather extra fries.

I can obsessed over the smallest of details. I cannot handle when people interchange between “and” or “&”. Just pick one! (Lana I’m looking at you!).

Together we’re Yin & Yang.

Day & Night.

Rachel & Ross.

Lana & Co.