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About The Artist

What you need to know about your Wedding Photographer

I’m LANA, the owner & principal photographer of Lana & Co. I love being able to share in the love story of two individuals and feel truly blessed to get to work with such wonderful people in this really intimate space every time. 

Based in Perth I’ve been shooting weddings for over eight years now & working professionally as a photographer for over a decade in other portfolios. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have my camera in tow.

I started documenting weddings of friends & friends of friends to build up my portfolio. In 2015, I started shooting Pop Up Weddings (One wedding on the hour every hour, up to ten a day over three days, so yeah a lot of micro weddings & a lot of experience!)

This then evolved into a full time independent wedding portfolio. I couldn’t be more thankful with where I am now with my business. These days I take on a limited volume of full weddings over a year (approximately 12 with a side of a few extra elopements) as I want to ensure I am giving my clients 100% & working with human’s whose values & create vision aligns with me & my style of art. 

I’m fiercely passionate about creating authentic wedding image collections with true to life colour editing with a slight hint of old film, that will stand the test of  ages with timeless elegance & are not simply a passing trendy instagram style.

I am equally invested in my couples’ experience, your wedding day is precious & I will unapologetically guard my clients experience on their wedding day, from advising on and planning smooth, seamless timelines to ensuring everything is running to plan or o-ordinating with other vendors & adjusting as required on the day for the most excellent outcomes & memories that throw back to truly the most wonderful day of your life.

If this sounds like the service & experience you are seeking I’d love to chat more, hit me up here.

For those who REALLY need to know everything....

I first started photography in high school- literally old school film photography in the dark room. I always swore I’d never become a professional photographer as I was worried it would kill the passion and enjoyment. Like all unexpected things in life, I fell into it and the more I shoot the more I enjoy it. Photography is one giant learning journey.

I love to big picture plan & can quite easily shred the schedule and work with what’s thrown at me. My juggling skills rival that of a circus clown.

Lifestyle, studio and families are my jam, weddings are my peanut butter.
Speaking of food- cheese and gherkins are life.

I have 2 kids, most days it feels like 12. It makes my heart happy that one day they will have tangible memories of their parents wedding to pass on as heirlooms (and see how bad our wedding fashion was in the noughties!)

I have an unnerving obsession with True Crime which keeps my husband on his toes as he jokes that I could probably dispose of his body 15 different ways in spanish – uno, dos without a tres. #10yearsmarried fun fact: statistically speaking the person most likely to murder you is your spouse. (revert to true crime obsession).

My life goal is to nail the king yoga pose (headstand), until then I’m killing shavasana (corps pose) #aspiringyogi

I’m South African born but equally Australian raised. That said I still have nightmares about #parktownprawns all my Joburg Saffas be feeling me.

I am the exact opposite of a morning person, coffee is a lifestyle. Wanna grab a cup?