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Oh hey there, thanks so much for having a browse! If you’ve landed here then Im assuming you’ve either booked a session with me or are seriously considering doing so – awesome! I’ve put together some SUPER important info in regards to planning and organising your session that’s a MUST READ for all of my clients,  so please take a few minutes to have a quick read below.

If you totally dig what you’ve seen so far, let’s do a Skype or Coffee Date, we’re not opposed to sneaky wine either – so that’s cool with us too! We can take the opportunity to eyeball one another and see how our vibes jam, chat about your timeline and all your other awesome wedding plans a bit more and make sure we are the perfect fit for one another! From there we can look at contracts and boring but necessary paper stuff!

OH HECK YES!  We would love to follow you down south, interstate or even overseas for your epic day! Depending on a few details we will generally try to absorb the travel costs where possible so let me know your wild exotic plans and let’s get adventurous together!

The packages are designed to cover the full range of options my couples are seeking but we understand that occasionally some awesome couples just need something a bit more custom to fit their unique day! We are always happy to chat about something a bit more custom to fit your needs, and if I can’t provide what you’re looking for any reason we will be sure to refer you on to another of our talented colleagues to help you out!

Your final USB will include your edited, full size High Resolution JPEg image files, all ready for you to print as you please. There are no watermarks on these files.  We do however recommend all clients only print images through professional labs for best colour and quality, we are always happy to organise prints through my go to lab or put you in touch with them or some other quality print facilities. We charge as close to RRP on prints and print products as possible to ensure the images don’t live unprinted and alone on a USB in a dark drawer. That just makes us sadder than a puppy who just wants a good belly scratch.

No two weddings are the same, the volume of images delivered will vary for each wedding, depending on a variety of factors including, size, guest numbers, number of locations, shoot time and in general how much action is happening. As a very general rule, expect an average of approximately 80-100 images per hour of coverage.  We’re going to carefully select and lovingly curate all the best and important moments big and small from your day. We won’t limit the volume so if your day is filled with a gazillion rad moments and photos then that’s probably what we’ll deliver. We just won’t give you anything that doesn’t meet the quality cut or RAW files.

The complimentary E-sessions are an important part of our process and client relationship building exercise. They help us achieve the natural and relaxed style of wedding photos, the type that first caught your eye and that probably brought you here.  There is no credit for removing these from packages and these are also not transferable to other formats such as family or studio. Cheers for being a legend and trusting our methods.

We do our best to bring our A-Game to every wedding we photograph. We want to be the mac to your cheese, the salt to your pepper, the Bey to your ‘once. We put our heart and soul into bringing you the best possible dance floor moves and general shenanigans we can to make your day as epic as possible.