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Wedding day’s are rad! They are they coolest!

Two lovers declaring to the world that they’re going to love each other for the remainder of their days! … So why when you then look at wedding blogs is it all photos of flowers and dresses hanging from balconies? Where are all those real moments?!

So consider this the #antiweddingblog. The blog for all THOSE moments, you know the ones, for tears, for laughter, for soft moments, for loud parties and for cherished memories.

Couples Carnival Shoot | Perth Wedding Photographer

Couples Carnival Shoot | Perth Wedding Photographer

DISCLAIMER: If you think riding on  swing chairs backwards with expensive camera gear to take epic photos will NOT make you profusely unwell… you’d be wrong. Take two rad hot lovers, put them in an EPIC fun scenario, add two photographers with crazy ideas & THIS is what you get. Shani & Marty are two talented […]